THE TOWN OF CASSEL was created November 12, 1891.  Located in the west central portion of Marathon County, Wisconsin, the town lies between Marathon City on the east, and Edgar on the west.  Two of the regions major highways pass near the Town.  STH 29 serves as the Town's northern border, and STH 107 the eastern border. 

2016 brought us the opportunity to celebrate the 125th birthday of our town.

Monthly Town Meetings 2nd Monday of the month at 7pm
Contact the Chairman or Clerk if you have an item you wish to place on the agenda

Recycling Center - Located at the Town Hall, open every Saturday 9 am to Noon
All regular recyclables are accepted at this time, glass, plastic, newsprint, magazines, cardboard, etc.  Rediscover Recycling - go to to learn more.  Old electronics need to be recycled, E-cycle Wisconsin can tell you where, visit and search "ecycle".

Town Hall is available for Rental
Fee is $100 (with a $25 refund deposit)
Contact the Clerk for Reservations

Estimated Population:  924

Election Information
Photo ID is required to Vote